AA's genesis is the result of three media veterans—all with different occupational skill sets and outdoor passions—dead set on making careers out of the pastimes they loved, and drew inspiration from. Nearly a decade later, the company is rewriting the marketing, advertising, and design rule books and loving every minute of it.



Adventure Advertising specializes in reaching and influencing the 140 million Americans who fish, hunt, boat and participate in other forms of human-powered outdoor recreation. With nearly 100 combined years of market experience, it's a demographic sector we intimately understand, and that mirrors the lives we lead away from the office.



'Success breeds success' and 'birds of a feather flock together' are two adages taken pretty seriously around here. So much so that we've made it a point since our inception to align with industry- and category-leading manufacturers. It ensures that we're always striving to push the envelope and stay on the bleeding edge as an Agency.



We don't produce multimedia campaigns simply to win awards, but rather to win the retail shelf space battle and the hearts and minds of core consumers. It's a straightforward philosophy centered around creating focused, authentic, dynamic and measurable solutions that meet and exceed our clients' objectives—and expectations.


The Real Enthusiast Agency

Adventure Advertising is a boutique agency specializing in the development, execution, and measurement of intergrated marketing solutions for leading endemic and non-endemic brands seeking to connect with the 140 million Americans who are passionate about fishing, marine, hunting and related outdoor activities.

We live, breathe, eat and sleep the outdoors … Like no other agency in the business. We do a better job of helping our clients reach their customers because we are their customers. With nearly 100 years of combined outdoor industry experience, it's in our DNA and is what makes us great at our jobs. And, when we aren't creating programs to reach this active segment, we're out doing it ourselves.



Jason Meninger

I serve as our CFO and am also involved in new client acquisition where I adeptly ‘angle' the sales, negotiation and subsequent media strategy that follows landing the big ones. I'm originally from Maryland, moved to the south where I kept my gills and quill together at Game & Fish Publications and B.A.S.S., Inc. After a few years with B.A.S.S., I made the leap into entrepreneurship as a part of the founding Adventure Advertising team.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I'm fishing professionally on the FLW Tour, where I've been nationally ranked since 2006.


Jeff Espy

I head up our F2F (face-to-face) marketing division, spearheading the conception, development, staffing, execution, and ROI evaluation of mobile marketing solutions for our clients. In addition, I'm also actively involved in sales, client services and overall company operations.

When I'm not in the office . . .
You can find me training for—or running—a marathon (currently 28 states down on my 50-state goal). I'm also an avid angler, and enjoy road biking, hiking, camping and paddling. If it takes place in the outdoors, my wife, kids and I are all about it!


Bruce Hyer

I like to remove limitations. We grew our business in an unorthodox manner, far from the beaten path, where high production values and innovative creativity can be applied in a very old-school, sometimes anachronistic marketplace. Where photography, video, graphic design and writing aren't necessarily the domains of different departments. As Partner and head of the creative staff, I encourage our team to continue developing their own talents, sometimes in new or alternate directions, and without the limitations typically found in traditional ad agencies.

When I'm not in the office . . .
You'll find me with family, in Georgia, West Virginia or Alabama. I have a camera with me pretty much all the time (and have since I was 15), even when I'm fishing on the Elk River, skiing or playing golf.


Mamie Putman
Executive Art Director

As AA's Executive Art Director since 2000, I've designed much of the work that we've produced over the years. Known throughout the company as a sassy artist whose laughter is tempered by great attention to detail, my primary focus is directing and developing a full array of unique communications executions that support our clients' marketing objectives to their various consumer and B2B targets. A graduate of the University of Montevallo, I utilize my classical talent in painting and drawing to enhance and massage visual messages with the ultimate goal of exceeding internal and external expectations.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I spend my off-hours snuggling with my little one, heading up my neighborhood HOA, or with my husband and two mini schnauzers—Schultz and Rolfe—enjoying the pool or the park.


Gino Reinhart
Associate Creative Director

As AA's Associate Creative Director, I collaborate with our staff to generate lasting ideas and concepts. I seek to push the limits of new media and adapt them to our clients' needs. I joined the AA team after a seven-year stint in NYC. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame, completing a double major in sculpture (BFA) and a Bachelor's degree in computer applications with a minor in graphic design. I find inspiration in the world around me. I am a self-proclaimed movie buff, sports fanatic, music junkie, world traveler, all things pop culture, artist, photographer and explorer.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I enjoy just being outside playing sports, fishing and paddling on the river, watching movies, traveling, exploring, cooking, spending time with my wife, twins and dogs.


Mitch Rood
Art Director | Graphic Specialist

Following a 16-year run as a Senior Designer with Turner Broadcasting responsible for creating, executing, and managing digital creative spanning multiple brands, I joined the Minor League Baseball ranks with the Gwinnett Braves, the minor league affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, where I served in capacities ranging from Show Director to Art Director. Prior to my time at Gwinnett and while at Turner, I took on rolls within the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers organizations. For me, inspiration comes from everywhere … I’m mesmerized by the smallest of objects, textures—or creatives—trying to determine how a particular execution was created or realized. In essence, I have creative ADHD ... I'm always striving for a better or different way of expressing, graphically, the world around me.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I enjoy teaching and coaching competitive fastpitch softball, traveling from state to state as an ambassador for the game. When not on the diamond, you'll find me on the court coaching girls basketball as well. Beyond sports, my life revolves around my two teenage children and wife. Basically, we're an active family that's always on the move!


Jill Gerow
Director of Internet and Technology

As the Director of Internet and Technology, it's my job to find and implement the technology that is needed to support the creative geniuses in the office. They're known to come up with a lot of crazy ideas, so no two days are the same!

I have a B.S in Information Systems from Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!) and a Masters in Management of Information Systems from the University of Colorado. My expertise is in database management and process automation but, basically, I just make things work.

When I'm not in the office . . .

I like to be outside enjoying the 300+ days of sun in my hometown of Golden, Colorado. I enjoy camping, hiking, biking, music festivals and watching football.


Mike Pirolo
Managing Director

I joined AA as Group Account Director/Business Development lead in May 2012 after moving back to Atlanta and 20+ years in the advertising jungles of NYC, Chicago, Detroit and SoCal with venerable agencies like Y&R, Ogilvy and Bates North America. I've had the good fortune to run national client teams for Miller Brewing Company, Ford/Lincoln Mercury, Pirelli, Chrysler and survived Sears . . . More recently I ran the North American Agency team at Getty Images and worked for a Canadian social media company that developed a platform through Facebook and Twitter. Having grown up in New England, I caught my first blue at the age of 5 and have been bleeding saltwater ever since. I never thought I'd be able to have this much fun at work!

When I'm not in the office . . .
I'm spending time with the family either shark fishing in the Keys, watching my teenage son play baseball or—much to my wife's chagrin—watching the WWE with him.


Todd Champitto
Account Supervisor / Digital Manager

As Account Supervisor/Digital Manager at Adventure Advertising, I have the pleasure of working closely with some of the outdoor industry’s most notable brands. I keep my advertising knives sharp by assisting our Clients with overall marketing strategies that put them in front of the right customers at the right time. I spent my early marketing years in Hilton Head Island, SC as a specialist in media, public relations, and the majestic, deep waters of the Atlantic.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I enjoy crushing targets at the gun range, golfing, hiking with my two dogs, and traveling with my wife. I am also a published author with a passion for history and suspense novels.


Kimberly Croley
Production & Traffic Resource Manager

As AA’s Project and Traffic Resource Manager, I bring years of logistics and resource management experience to the table. Over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a multitude of Atlanta-based companies on a variety of publishing projects, as well as print, broadcast and digital advertising campaigns. Several of my most gratifying accomplishments would have to be complete package rebrandings for Husky Tools and Workforce, two well-known private label brands for The Home Depot.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I enjoy riding motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs, as well as photography, coaching YMCA basketball, and practicing karate with my twin boys and husband. If the opportunity arises or time permits, I’ll also try to squeeze in a family boating outing on nearby Lake Lanier or break away for some other sort of spontaneous adventure.


Romane Jean
Director of Studio Operations

As a video editor with 17 years experience in the videography, editing and production of film, television and interactive media, I thrive on bringing life to visual assets that lead to the creation of compelling stories. A native of Haiti, I now reside in Atlanta where I continue to push the boundaries of creativity on a daily basis.

When I'm not in the office . . .
You can find me piloting my drone around the city, capturing breathtaking aerial landscapes from 400 feet above ground. What I live for most, though, is enjoying life's memorable moments with my beautiful wife and wonderful children. 


Homero Santos
Associate Video Editor

As AA’s Associate Video Editor, I’m charged with bringing stories to life, seamlessly and powerfully. An Art Institute of Atlanta graduate majoring in Audio Production, I’m also a cinematographer, and have shot and edited for the past four years for both films and commercial work. I find storytelling inspiration from mediums ranging from music and the Web to video games. Simply put, I want to inspire others in the ways that inspire me.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I can be found writing, shooting, and directing my next personal passion project (independent short films), reading, playing video games, or creating new riffs on my Fender Stratocaster. 


Gavin Sexton
Photography / Digital Imaging Specialist

Simply put, I’m a photographer. Always have been, and always will be. Right out of high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a photography career, and that passion led me to Gwinnett Technical College for a degree in commercial photography with specialized studies in outdoor product photography and digital imaging. At Adventure, I spearhead all things photography and videography—from shooting and editing, to cataloging and maintaining camera equipment.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I can be found spending the bulk of my free time with my best friend and wife, Lisa, and our family while enjoying one of my many hobbies. Aside from photography, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, radio-controlled vehicles, traditional archery, camping and disc golf.


Brandon Williamson
Marketing Coordinator

As Marketing Coordinator here at AA, I'm a behind-the-scenes guy who's involved in many aspects of the company's internal workings. From event marketing support and social media content identification to spearheading client shoot logistics, I roll up my sleeves and help get it done.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I’m doing something outdoors, be it archery, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, sailing, welding or metal fabrication. I've played soccer and lacrosse for 15 years (might have gone pro if my knees could have handled it!), and consider myself unstoppable in any outdoor yard game. If you're in to horseshoes, cornhole, ladder or disc golf, or lawn darts, bring it on! More than anything, I love spending time with my daughter (my little mini me), and cant wait to take her along on my adventures once she's a little older.


Justin Watts
Technology Specialist

As Adventure's Technology Specialist (a.k.a., resident nerd!), my primary responsibility is supporting the company’s day-to-day operations by providing answers to those often-dreaded tech support questions. The vast amount of creativity under AA’s roof presents a ton of tech challenges unique to each team member, necessitating that I work to solve and optimize each of them. In addition to holding a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University, I posses a slew of certifications ranging from OS X to ethical hacking.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I’m part of a tight-knit group of guys that pursues the craziest digital things imaginable. (Harkening back to my college days, where I both played and coached video gaming, professionally.) When I'm not in 100% nerd mode, you'll find my dachshund and me kayaking the Broad River and enjoying the beautiful city of Athens, GA.


Rachel Berhannan

As Controller, I oversee the accounting and human resource functions here at Adventure. I am a CPA that left the corporate world in 2006 to start my own business helping clients that don't need a full time CFO/Controller. I have worked in accounting for about 30 years and I still love it and being a part of helping businesses grow. I also provide assistance to non-profit organizations.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I like playing with my adorable grandson, Alden. I also enjoy spinning, swimming, hiking and good, old-fashioned walks. You might also catch me doing a stand-up comedy routine!


Travis Stowe
Hybrid Designer

I'm what's considered a Hybrid Designer, or a jack of all trades when it comes to design. I have a degree from Full Sail University with a focus in 3D Animation and VFX. I'm a self-taught Web designer/programmer and I'm always pushing myself to learn where the Web is going and how to stay on top of the curve. I consider myself a laid back kind of person with a huge passion for the outdoors.

When I'm not in the office . . .
I'm fighting crime as a superhero. (Not really but it sounds cool!) In truth, I'm either shooting my bow, at the gym (got to stay healthy!), rock climbing, golfing, planning my next backpacking trip, hanging out with good friends, or eating great food and socializing. Life is too short to be inside all the time!


Ian Pierce
Face-to-Face Marketing Manager

Serving as the Exmark Outdoor Tour Manger since 2009, I travel to convention centers and retail outlets around the country promoting our clients' products to consumers at the outdoor industry's top fishing, hunting and marine shows. I set up the show footprint and work the shows together with local client distributors, sales representatives and retailers. We work as a team to interact with consumers and generate sales.

When I am not in the office . . .
I am out saltwater fishing, power boating, sailing and kayaking in Tampa bay, Florida. I also enjoy mountain biking on the Pinellas Trail near my home.


Everyone has a passion. For millions of Americans, that passion revolves around the outdoors—fishing, hunting, boating, camping, cycling, hiking and more. And when it comes to understanding the nuances behind these passions, well, frankly, you either get it or you don't.

We get it. We're keenly aware that Americans have inherited a spectacular backyard. From majestic national parks to urban trails and green spaces, America's great outdoors offer all of us a place to get up, get out, exercise, bond with family and reconnect with nature. According to the latest research, outdoor recreation remains a key part of the American lifestyle, with strong participation rates and encouraging trends among youth.

Our Industry-Leading Partners

Each of these best-in-class brands has a story. We specialize in telling their stories, honestly and authentically, to the right people where they live, work and play with big ideas, bold creative and custom content.
Wholly owned by Navico, the world’s largest marine electronics company, B&G is the global leader in marine instruments, autopilot systems, and tactical software solutions for recreational and competitive sailboats at all levels.
Headquartered in Waycross, GA, Carolina Skiff is one of the strongest brands in the marine industry. Currently the #1 selling outboard-powered fiberglass boat brand 24 feet and under, the firm is known for its durable, versatile, cost-effective crafts.
Founded in 1911, Detroit, MI-based Chevrolet is one of the world's largest auto brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4 million high-performance, design-forward, fuel-efficient cars and trucks a year.
A division of The Toro Company, Beatrice, NE-based Exmark Mfg. Co., Inc. is the market share leader in professional-grade mid-mount zero-turn mowers, and constantly driving industry-leading research, design and technology.
Intellian Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile satellite communication systems. By partnering with preeminent global marine electronics manufacturers, dealers and distributors, Intellian has built the category’s most unique and dependable products.
A division of Navico, the world leader in GPS and fishfinding technology, Tulsa, OK-based Lowrance Electronics manufactures the sportfishing industry’s most advanced products for fresh- and saltwater water sports enthusiasts.
One of NASCAR’s most iconic brands, Welcome, NC-based Richard Childress Racing has fielded cars for racing notables such as Dale Earnhardt, Ricky Rudd and Neil Bonnett, and holds the distinction of having at least one car in every Cup race since 1972.
Part of the Navico group, Simrad Yachting develops and manufactures integrated navigation systems, autopilots, VHF radios, performance instrumentation and safety electronics for the leisure, superyacht and professional markets.
A dynamic, Charleston, SC-based company with 25 years of fishing tackle manufacturing experience, Z-Man Fishing Products’ ElaZtech and Original ChatterBait® product lines are helping the firm become the fastest-growing lure brand in America.

Our Office Is The Outdoors

The Chattahoochee River, a stone's throw from our office.
303 W. Shadburn Avenue
Buford, GA 30518

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Headquartered in Buford, GA on the banks of Lake Sidney Lanier
in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, we're blessed with easy—and regular—access to some of the best fishing, boating, hiking, trail running, camping and paddling the eastern United States has to offer. This is where you'll find us on assignment, or breaking a sweat over our lunch breaks!

Inside our office, you'll experience a modern, fully equipped facility. Our infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art, design and photo studio. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to stop in. We'd
love to show you around or, better yet, get out and wet a line or
hit the trail!

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